Family history research can feel like you’re facing a giant as overwhelming as Goliath. Whatever your level of experience, the TamingGoliath website can help.

We offer printed resources and free online classes to help you quickly gain skill and confidence as a family history researcher. Complete a class or class series at home, in small group classes organized by your Ward, or at a regional Family History Center.

Developed for LDS Church family history researchers in West Richland Stake, Washington, these resources may be utilized by researchers of any faith, though occasionally provided content may not apply.


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   Write your life story

   An Hour a Week for Family History

   Records indexing classes and support for LDS Researchers

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These resources are developed and offered in a grassroots collaborative effort by unpaid volunteers of our local community. We welcome the chance to share with you what we have learned about family history research through our combined experience and the guidance from our mentors. Information provided was believed current when a class was videotaped. Provided resources have not been reviewed, or endorsed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  Henry B. Eyrings April 2017 Conference Talk On Family History!

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