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Taming the FamilySearch Goliath




Not all of us have the same computer skill and the purpose of this site map is to help learn how to maneuver around the crsingle website a little bit easier and faster.  You will notice a list of pages within the website down the left hand side of most pages, this is so you can easily go to any page on the site by simple left clicking on the desired page.  You can see a small version of that list in the box below. To the right in the larger box in red is that same list with a short description of what is on that page. You will see these links on most of the pages through-out crsinges website making it easy to bounce around the site from page to page.


Home ------------- Landing page, the first page that comes up when signing  on the website.

About Us --------- A short description of who we are and the purpose of the S A Program.

Activities --------- Link to the calendar on this website of the month-by-months activities.

Addresses -------- Addresses and a map to all the Church Houses with-in the Tri-Cities area.

Calendar ---------- A list of the S A activities by month.

Contact Us ------- Have a question or comment, email address and phone number for help.

Disclaimer -------- crsingles is not a Church sponsored site and the disclaimer explains why.

Taming The FamilySearch Goliath ------ New Family Search Series on Video.

Directories -------- Link to Churches site to get info. on your ward only, need to be member.

Family Search ---- The Churches website to helping us search for info. on our ancestors.

Firesides ---------- Dates, times, address and when available speakers of area Firesides.

Locator ------------ The Churches website to help find a Church House and directions.

LDS.org ---------- Churches main site for members to find information and get help.

Misc. -------------- Wide range of helpful topics and links to other pages and sites.

Mormon Choir --- Mormon Tab. Choirs website & link to watch the weekly Spoken Word.

Mormon.org ------ Churches website for non-members introducing the Church and beliefs.

News ------------ Link to the LDS Churches News website.

Standards --------- Dress, requirements and behavior of all S A activities

Temples ----------- Link to the Churches website with info, pictures address of each Temple.


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  •    Like two pieces of chain when connected together by a link it becomes a useful tool.  It could be a  picture, phrase, button or something on that page and when linked (connected) together with another page or place on that same page.  By left clicking your mouse on that link, your computer will be directed to that page or website. Most of the time if a word or phrase has a link tied to it, it will be underlined.  You will be  able to identify a link by placing your mouse over the picture, word, button or phrase and if the mouse turns to a hand or changes it has a link tied to it.

  • The links are active in the above left box and by left clicking on one of them it will take you directly to that page. You can return to this page by left clicking on the back button on the top left of your screen or you can maneuver anywhere you want to go from there.

  •   We have tried to make this as user friendly as we know how. There are a few pages like to Calendars, Conferences, Addresses, Fireside, pages that are very long and it take a few mins to scroll up and down them, so we have made it fast and easy.  Usually at the top or close to the top, you will see a list of what is on that page.  For example the Calendar you will see   Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr  and so on.  These are links that will take you down that page to the month you select with-out have to scroll down, it will take you directly there. For example if you want to go to May, just left click on May and it will take you quickly to the month of May.  Then at the end of May and every Month, Stake, Ward, Address or where ever you see the words    and by clicking on it, it will take you back to the top of that page so you don't need to scroll back up.  By using these links you can bounce around from January to December very fast.

  • You will see a small pictures of a printer through-out this site By left clicking on the printer, you will be able to print the picture, schedule or what ever it is attached to.

  • When you see the word Map all alone, usually in red, it is linked to a map that will give you directions to the address of that activity.

  • When you see the word  it is a link to a page that will give you more information about that particular activity, event or article.

  • If you see a picture of a man doing construction work,     it means that part of the website is being worked on and changes are being made or added to that part of the website.

  •   There will be Child Care provided at all regularly scheduled Firesides for those that want to attend that have small Children.  

  • Join Mikes email list and receive weekly emails of up-coming activities.  Simply request to be put on the email list by emailing Mike at  mike@gopositive.com 

  • There are a few abbreviations used on this site.  On most often used is    It simply stands for Single Adults.

  •   Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have a question, suggestion or comment.  This is your site and we want it to be helpful and for you to use it often. 

  • Please Contact Your Ward & Stake Leaders To Remind Them To Submit Any & All Information To Us So We Post It On This Wedsite Making It Available To Everyone And Hopeful Making The Activities Even More Successful With A Larger Attendance.


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